Critical Cycles Classic Fixed-Gear Single-Speed Bike with Pista Drop Bars, White, 53cm/Medium



Price: $285.66


Critical Cycles fixed-gear bicycles are hand built for the commuter lifestyle with a tag-welded steel frame that comes with horizontal dropouts and a component set that is ideal for commuting around town, riding on the beach boardwalk and exercise or endurance cycling. This all-new model comes with Pista handlebars which closely mimic the shape of track bars providing more clearance for the arms when sprinting out of the saddle then any other road bar shape. The fixit includes a flip-flop hub so that you can ride it as fixed-gear or easily switch cogs and cruise on your freewheel like a standard single-speed. Also, you shouldn’t have worry about potholes and rough asphalt with your Wanda tires that have been optimized for city riding. The bottom bracket comes sealed cartridge on every bike, so moisture or dirt will never cause problems. We’ve carefully selected Protect cranks, Sun run freewheel, KMC chain, Well-Go pedals, Stainless Steel Spokes and Prom ax brakes, to make sure that your bike will be dependable day-in-day-out and for many years to come. Included with your bike is three sizes of Allen wrench and a Cone wrench so that you can have all the tools you need build your own bike. Available in frame sizes 43cm, 49cm, 53cm, 57cm, 60cm and several colors to choose from. Critical Cycles offers the best selection of urban lifestyle bicycles anywhere.

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