Critical Cycles Men’s Beach Cruiser 3-Speed Bike, Matte Black, 16-Inch/One Size



Price: $219.99


Critical Cycles is cruising into town with a whole new game. Though just as sleek and just as sexy as its predecessor, our three speed beach cruisers are more functional. Ride up hills, down hills, and around hills on this cruiser. Like our single speed cruisers, our three speeders are adorned with light brown synthetic leather grips and a super wide, super comfortable seat. But what sets this cruiser apart is the Sturmey Archer three speed hub. Sure, to the untrained ear, “Sturmey Archer” sounds like the name of a dapper old man sitting in his corner chair puffing on his tobacco-packed pipe. But to the bicycle enthusiast, “Sturmey Archer” is synonymous with quality made, high-end bicycle components. One of the best parts about incorporating a Sturmey Archer hub is that the gears are operated internally. As such, all of the important elements required to shift gears are tucked away and protected from dirt, grime, and water, making it more reliable and easier to maintain than a derailleur. Aside from these practical aspects, the design is very clean without a derailleur hanger. There is a single cable that goes directly from the handlebars to the hub. Additionally, this three speeder is equipped with a coaster brake, transferring the control over your bike and your ride back to you. Moreover, shifting gears is incredibly easy with a simple twist of the wrist. Forget the hassle of taking your hands off the bars or dealing with a pesky thumb shifter. C’mon. Get cruising.

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