Firmstrong Chief Lady Seven Speed Beach Cruiser Bicycle, 26-Inch, Purple



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A great cruiser for women, the 26-inch seven-speed Chief Lady Cruiser bike from Firmstrong features a 19-inch elongated steel frame and a forward shifted crankset that shifts your feet forward during pedaling. The 4″ extended frame provides more space between you and the handlebars, and creates a more relaxed ride as you’ll feel less cramped. It fits most women with a height between 5′- 4″ and 6′-4″. Ideal for casual riding, this Chief Lady bike is a great choice for many environments — by the beach, around town, or anywhere else on a paved path. The curve of the steel frame is a classic cruiser design, with the top bar arching down to make it easier to step over and get on the bike. The 26″ painted aluminum wheels feature wide tires that roll smooth and easy as well as cushion the bumps as you ride over them freely. The wide, oversized seat completes your comfort for riding. Both the seat and the handlebars can be adjusted to ensure maximum comfort. Whenever you need to stop you simply pedal backwards, easing on the coaster brake. Other features include wide cruiser bike handlebars with synthetic leather grips, waffle tread tires, a guard to protect pant cuffs from the chain, and a 350-lb. maximum weight capacity. The bike is shipped 80 percent assembled. Firmstrong has been designing high quality, affordable bikes for over 10 years with a focus on blending style and functionality to create a fun, adventurous experience for riders — not just a mode of transportation.

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