Ultra Lightweight Cycling MTB Micro Bicycle Helmet Bicycle Protective Helmet Red



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Suitable for head circumference: within wide 17CM head circumference 55-64cm
Wind holes: 21 holes EPU impact factor material made , combined with
the one-piece design of the monomer structure, so that it is adjacent to each other one.
Outer hard and soft inside the structure, sturdy external density can effectively
disperse the external force, while the soft interior density can effectively absorb the impact energy.
So that the wearer the maximum withstand accidental impact crushing diffusion impact to protect the lives and safety of the user.
The shock-absorbing molecular structure of uniform size, arranged in compact, even in the cracks
after impact our naked eyes can be found quickly and timely replacement of the damaged helmet to reduce security risks.
Security Department can improve, better than the average helmet protect the head of security

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