Weehoo iGo 2 Bike Trailer One Color, One Size



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The Weehoo iGo 2 is constructed from a lightweight steel frame with alloy seats. It is similar to the pro, but it’s been expanded by 11 inches, in the event that you’ll have two passengers along for the ride. As a modular system, an extra seat or Weehoo???s cargo basket may be added. It features 20-inch wheels with puncture-resistant tires. It???s secured to the frame with 15mm axle nuts. The wheel is linked to the iGo crankset, so your little ones can help pedal along. But no need to worry about fingers getting caught, as the chain is fully enclosed. The trailer attaches to your seatpost using one of five included bushings. The trailer weighs 44 pounds and the combined weight limit for the trailer is 100 pounds, with the front seat intended for the larger of your two passengers. The seat covers are removable for hand washing.

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