Wide Urban 6 Button Velo Bicycle Saddle



Price: $25.16


Retrospec Bicycles has come out with a new saddle shape specially designed for comfort. Our Wide Urban 6 Button Saddle is wider, thicker, and cushion-ier than our first velo/track shape. The padding we’ve added to the center of this saddle makes riding long-term or short-term more comfortable. Not only is there additional cushion for the pushing, but the extra padding also better absorbs the shock of the rocky road ahead of you. We’re always looking out for our riders’ safety, so we’ve included a reflector built into the bottom back edge of this saddle (that way drivers can see you even during those ill-advised rush-hour rides). This saddle has been designed with both female and male cyclists in mind. The wider base is a comfy choice for all riders. Measures 266x168mm and can be installed on any and all bikes.

Usually ships in 24 hours

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