Vintage Electric Company invites us to get on the Cruz bike and power pedal without losing style!

For various reasons, electric vehicles often tend to be somewhat away from design and aesthetics remain in the background. It happens with cars and also with several models of bicycles. However, in Vintage Electric company they believe that an electric bike can also have a good design and that’s why they created the Cruz model that, far from having a futuristic style, it travels to the past to look vintage.

Regenerative Braking

The bike is a classic California cruiser with design elements reminiscent of the American Art Deco movement, and is part of a limited edition of 50 units. The model stands out with a careful design where the “electrical” elements are perfectly integrated into the whole. According to the creators, the bike was built with quality materials (wood, metal and aluminum) that promise a long life.


But not everything is design with the Cruz. In terms of technical specifications, the bike is equipped with an electric motor that can develop a maximum speed of 58 mph and a battery of 52 volts (620 Watt) that provides an autonomy of approximately 48 kilometers with a full charge. It also has LED headlights, 26-inch wheels and Shimano disc brakes with a regenerative technology system that helps recharge the battery.

The bike is priced at $4,995 and is available in three colors: red, blue and green, black and brown.