Mobility is a recurrent issue for those who live in cities that from conception were not intended to support large numbers of vehicles trying to move in the same direction and at the same time.

The Halfbike II combines a propulsion mechanism similar to a regular bike with a structure of two small wheels that allow swinging through body movement. The creators improved the design of the first model, adding some parts to the folding aluminum frame and managed a fairly low end weight of 8 kilos.

Unlike the traditional bike, the Halfbike II has the pinion located on the front wheel and the absence of a seat invites the driver to travel standing on the pedals. This allows a very pleasurable driving experience akin to the movement that may have a longboard. The developers of the Halfbike pointed their guns to people who enjoy outdoors sports with some adrenaline.

The project has been a wide success on Kickstarter crowdfunding platform with about 770 thousand dollars raised. With the first “Earlybird” exhausted, currently the fifth stage of delivery will cost $474 shipping included.

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